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General Data Protection Regulation

WMSC Policy and Information

No personal data that we hold is passed to anyone else except as stated below or as required by law.

The WMSC keeps personal data only of the following.

1. members
We keep name, address, phone number, and email address.
These data are used solely to enable us to identify the member and to communicate with them.
Consent until March 2018 is implied; thereafter it is given explicitly on application (on paper or via the Web).
If, after joining, a member wants their personal data deleted, they should contact the Secretary as below.
These data are held only on the computers of a WMSC officer.

2. recipients of the newsletter
The newsletter is sent via email ad hoc to members and to people who have signed up specifically.
We keep the name and email address.
Such data are held in a database on our web site; they are accessible only to specified users and are password protected.
They are used solely to enable us to send the newsletter.
The newsletter always has an 'unsubscribe' link. Using this results in the recipient's email address being deleted.

3. general enquirers
If we receive email enquiries, we retain the emails.
We make no use of such data beyond responding to the enquiry.
Such data are held on the computers of various WMSC officers.

4. staff
We keep name address, phone number, email address, NI number, and data required by tax law.
These data are used solely in connection with employment and taxation.
We may pass them to our accountants so far as is necessary.
If past employees want us to delete their data, we shall do that to the extent that is permitted by law. For this, they should contact the Secretary as below.

If you have questions about the data about you that we hold, if you wish to know what we hold about you, if you wish to amend or delete what we hold about you, contact secretary@wmsc.org.uk.

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