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This page shows the art exhibition which is currently on show in the club.

You can see the pictures from previous exhibitions here.

Caroline Careless

After an idyllic childhood in Madresfield and teacher training in ceramics in the late 1960s, Caroline spent 10 years teaching middle school children in North Warwickshire. An unusually well-equipped art-room allowed her to nurture what she believes is the 'artistic expression in everyone'.

Marriage to Malcolm took her south and she continued teaching in Harlow and Bishops Stortford. An early, life-changing trip travelling for six months to Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and overland from Katmandu sparked a passion for travel and photography, and an appreciation of the world around her.

Teaching and bringing up two adopted children from Ecuador was the priority until Malcolm's retirement brought them back here to her roots in 2000. Living once more in such a culturally diverse environment, alive with so many expressive arts, inspired her to re-discover her own creativity which had taken a back-seat for so long. She joined an acrylic painting class in 2005 at Malvern School of Art to which she still belongs.

Running parallel to art throughout her life has been her love of photography; this work has evolved from the many images captured at home and abroad. Inspired by scenes both mundane and unusual, she is particularly drawn to the distortions and ambiguities contained within reflections, natural forms, and the neglected man-made environment.

She says: I would like to acknowledge a great debt of gratitude to the College and to my tutor, Julia Beard, for her teaching, guidance, and patience. I would also like to thank my family and friends for their continuous encouragement and support.

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acrylic on paper, 410x300mm
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