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general arrangements

These conditions apply to all use of the hall.

  1. Payment is due in advance of the hiring unless other arrangements have been agreed. Payment should be made direct or to West Malvern Social Club's bank account 30-95-41 00212934.
  2. Depending on the nature of the booking we reserve the right to request a refundable deposit of up to £100 in addition to the full hire charge.
  3. The heating should be switched off at the end of the event. Failure to do this will incur extra charges (so that we may recover our costs). In general, you will need to switch on the heating when you arrive; in cold weather this will mean your switching on the heating an hour or more before your event starts.
  4. Any damage will be at the hirer's cost.
  5. The PA system is available for use by the hirer (but see the previous condition and a possible charge).
  6. The normal hours for events are:
    • 8pm - doors open
    • 8:30 - music starts
    • 11:15 - last orders
    • 11:30 - music ends (Music should end by 11:40 at the latest.)
    • 11:30 - bar closes
    • 11:30 - no smokers outside the front door
    • 12:00 - event ends (club clear) and everyone off the premises
  7. Some events will work to different hours to these. Such events will be identified as such and the different hours will be agreed when the event is booked. The hours will be documented in emails.
  8. Drumkits are not to be amped.
  9. If smokers attending an event use the area outside the front door for smoking, they must be quiet at all times, particularly so after 10:30pm. Whoever books the hall is responsible for the good behaviour of smokers outside the front door. Smokers are not to be outside the front door after 11:30.
    (Please note: we rely on our neighbours not to complain about noise; they rely on us to keep it at an acceptable level. Please enable us to do this.)
  10. The cleaning of the hall is included in the price, but only for normal use. Any excessive cleaning or redecoration that is needed will be at the hirer's cost.
  11. All electrical appliances brought to the hall should have been PAT tested.
  12. If the bar is not being hired, the drinks should not be touched or taken. Unauthorised use of the drinks may result in future bookings being turned down.
  13. capacity
    The club can accommodate 67 people seated with a few more standing next to the bar. If you wish to have more than this, please check with us in advance; depending on the nature of the event, we may accept a higher limit. For example: if you have a music gig at which most people are to be standing, we can clear away some of the tables and chairs; the capacity is then 80.
    Notes on capacity: there are 12 bar tables; there are three bar stools; there are 15 chairs with arms and 15 without arms. Also, there are bench seats along the walls. These comprise two corner seats, two single seats, and 10 benches which are six feet long. The benches will each seat three people (3.5 if they are small or close friends). So all-in-all, we can seat: 3 on stools; 30 on chairs; 34 on bench seats. That's 67 all up.
    Note: if you use seats for the band etc, there will be fewer seats for you and your guests.
  14. deposit
    For all function hire, a deposit of £30 may be required to book the hall. This is returnable after the event if the bar-takings at the event exceed £140. If you cancel the event within one week of the start of the event, the deposit will be forfeited.
  15. sound levels
    At all times, the sound level recorded at the bar should never exceed 85dB and loud sound should be at 80dB at most. With loud sound, the front door must be kept shut. We are concerned not to cause annoyance to our neighbours. If your sound results in a complaint, you are likely to find future bookings rejected as the continued existence of the Club is more important than your booking. If this seems severe, it is because it is intended to be.

Note: if you use Blu-tack or similar to decorate the hall, please remove it all; otherwise, you may be charged.

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